Sunday, June 19, 2016

Herbs and Mountains



Dr. Ogawa (Left) & Dr. Asakai (Right)


Dr. Ogawa



主催のまきさんと、ご一緒させていただいた皆様 ありがとうございました。


About a year has passed since I've started to study Ayurveda.
Lately, I've been giving workshops, but at the beginning of June, I attended a seminar of my Ayurveda teacher.

Nara School of Ayurveda held a special event, which is a live talk show of Dr. Asakai who is my Ayurveda teacher and Dr. Yasushi Ono who is a only Japanese Tibetan doctor.
And there was another event of Dr. Ogawa's practical lecture of natural medicine from a forest of Mt. Ikoma.
I felt like I was going to go on a picnic for both of the events.
On my way to Nara after work, I was excited.

Both of the doctors were basically talking about Ayurveda and Tibetan Medicine, but for me, they were talking about what's there beyond learning, and a power of living.
There were of course, some off the record talks and I enjoyed their honest discussion.

I hadn't seen Dr. Asakai for a long time and he's getting younger and younger every time I see him. His smile is a killer.
In the forest, Dr. Oagawa melts himself into a low bush or the deeper part of the forest and come back to us with some herbs in his hands. His points of view towards medicine and herbs were very interesting and I agreed with many of them.
Both of the doctors greatly respect practicality, so I reassured that to feel is the best learning shortcut, or the direct learning after all.
To feel is also take a great part of Pilates and art.
To have a strong sensitivity is to have a high living ability. Maybe... I thought so.

To sharpen all the sensors of the body and feel nature with the whole body, not with only a brain.
That is of course, to live.

It was great to be able to join in a special opportunity.
Thank you for all the other participants and our host Maki.

Also thank you Mt. Ikoma.
Next time, I should come to you from the morning and say hello to Ganesha properly.

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