Friday, August 17, 2012





let's dance!

How are you ladies and gentlemen?
Apology for being so out of touch. I was not on holiday or anything. I'vw been just working all the time.

Summer in Japan is too hot, I realised. I had a lucky holiday last summer in Praha, but not this year.
Both the hard works and Pilates lessons made me lost weight. I was sort of happy at the beginning, but now I'm getting a bit scared...
I worked too hard and messed up my body last month. I lost about 4 or 5kg (don't know how much in stone) in 2 weeks and I had 4 or 5 canker sores along the sides of my tongue at the same time. They were hurting like a hell so I was crying everytime I chew or speak. My Pilates teacher said my pancreas, spleen, and stomach are the weakest of my body and I'm too easy to be affected by an electromagnetic wave. She massaged the lymph spots which linked up with the pancreas, spleen and stomach, and made my legs slimmer.

I need a proper break.
It's mere a temporary solution, but I asked extra day offs at work this month.
Feeling a little guilt during day-offs means I'm workaholic.
I knew that, but this time, I thought a lot about contorol.
Think about where I'm trying to go and what my present activities are for, I want to do better steering.

Oh I wish autumn will come sooner.