Sunday, September 28, 2014

NOY in T. Williams' play

テネシー・ウィリアムズのガラスの少女像 というお芝居に兄のNOYがジム役で出演予定です。
10月12日と13日、東京飯田橋/後楽園STUDIO FEATHERにて。

10月12日(日) 18:00  20:00
10月13日(祝・月) 13:00  16:00  19:00

なお、チケットのご購入は もしくは までメールでお問い合わせ頂けると嬉しいです。


My brother NOY is going to play Jim in Portrait of a Girl in Glass by Tennessee Williams.
October 12th and 13th at STUDIO FEATHER in Iidabashi / Kourakuen, Tokyo.

12th October SUN 18:00  20:00
13th October MON 13:00  16:00  19:00
Runnig time 40minutes

To buy tickets, please message at or, thank you.
Please let us know your name, the number of the participants, date of the show, and contact.
The ticket will be ready at the box office of the venue. Please recieve your ticket at the venue on the day.

I'm looking forward to seeing the play a lot!

Friday, September 26, 2014

a tranquil day


I had a golden shower of morning sun and went to north part of Kyoto to visit Kifune shrine.
I could take a very deep breath at where Kuraokami and Takaokami are. Kuraokami and Takaokami are dragon tutelary of water. Kuraokami is a (dark) ravine rain-dragon, and Takaokami is a (high) mountaintop rain-dragon.
I was happy because they said there is also Tamayoribime, a daughter of a god of ocean and its message is "a new beggining".
I drunk plenty of goshinsui "miracle-working water".
Bing surrounded by cool breeze and sound of gentle water of the river, my heart became calm.
Clear blue sky was bright in my eyes.
On my way home, I could visited my maternal grandparents' grave, so I felt relieved.

I want to make my new year great.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Autumn meals






I went to South Indian cuisine lesson.

It's a kind of chilly morning.
I made tea with Aco's special chai spice mix with tulsi.
So I can keep myself warm in cold air of the morning and evening.
Tulsi is one of the essential herbs for Ayurveda, but I didn't know about it at all until I started to go to the cooking class.
A bunch of tulsi was hung in cooking class teacher Ayami's room, and I asked what were those.
Tulsi helps raising immune system and also helps to stay in balance of many thing.
I've been using this tulsi mixed spice quite often these days to prevent catching cold or not to break down my health too much. It's my recent favourite.

Our menu was nuts rice, azuki beans curry, sprout mung dal and vegetable salad, deep fried masala fish, coconut chutney, barfi (sweets).
I felt spice and vegetable had colours of autumn somehow.
It's nice to feel season's change by cooking.

We used lots of nuts and beans, so it's fun to touch the meal with fingers, and also it's a joy to taste the texture.
Crispy, munchy, and crunchy.
The taste of autumn.

I have one more pleasant lesson left in this class.
From winter, I'm going to join a new class.
I'm looking forward to it a lot.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

blue g.

今月から、私Gingerのブランドblue g. が始まります。



From this month on, my own fashion item label blue g. starts.
By the end September, Magical Leaf brooches are going to available at Vanam.

Every item is basically one-of-a-kind.
I'd like to make not only fashion items, but also clothes in near future.
You will be able to .buy them at either Vanam or Ginger's blog.

I want to make things with stories.
I greatly appreciate your warm support!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Indian stall under the autumn sky



vanam stall and Aco



The Three Flying Witches10月のワークショップも興味を持ってくださった方が多く、嬉しかったです。
夕方近くに、The Three Flying Witches のメンバーであるAyamiちゃんが手伝いに来てくれました。

The Three Flying Witches, October workshop visual


ちょっとしたきっかけで、AyamiちゃんやAcoちゃんと出会い、The Three Flying Witches が結成されました。もしあの時あのことがなければ、今ここでこうしていることは無いな…なんて、しみじみと思います。

On a fine autumn day in Nara-machi.
vanam had a stall in Nara International Film Festival 2014 and we had finished our event without any big problem.

I went there to help out the stall.
When I got to the stall after a little wondering around, Yoko who is teaching Saturday yoga class at vanam was already there and Vanam's manager and an only chef Aco was just deep flying something.
The stall was just opened, but dokla, Indian sweets, were already sold out.
There were customers who were going to watch Indian film and they wanted some Indian snacks.
I love that kind of way of thinking.

What we had at our stall were, vada, donut shape mashed urado dal croquettes seasoned with spice such as cumin seeds, pakora, mixed vegetable fry, spiced vegetable stick fries, mulku, swirly shape salty crackers, and some more and hot masala chai.
I wanted more people to eat those snack and chai, and I was so happy to be a shop assistant of Indian snack stall, so I tried to attract as many people as I could.

Ginger (me) & Ayami

At the marché, there were many delicious looking things.
What I liked were grape juice and apple juice at AWA, Austrian stall, and Indian coffee at the coffee chop LINTZ stall. The coffee had rich flavor and certain bitterness, but somehow it had woody and gentle aroma. I went to buy a cup twice - lunch time and afternoon. And I also bought the beans. I'm quite looking forward to have it at home again.

Vanam stall had its busiest moment around noon. And thanks to our customers, many of our hot snacks were sold out.
By the time of afternoon tea, we only had packets of Indian spice snacks and few mulku, and chai left.
We were listening to some live music at Nara-machi square, and enjoyed talking with many customers, the festival staffs, and people from other stalls.
There were many people who became interested in The Three Flying Witches next workshop in October. That made me very happy.
Before evening starts, Ayami, the third member of The Three Flying Witches came to help the stall.

chai pot!

When the festival was nearly ending and it was getting dark, I walked to 5-story Pagoda with Ayami.
We said hello to the deer lying peacefully, and looked down the town in sunset. We were feeling calm and refreshed.
I want to come back to Nara again just to relax next time.

By a tiny chance made me meet Ayami and Aco, and The Three Flying Witches was born. I thought something like "If I had not had that thing at that moment, I wouldn't be here..."
If meeting someone is meant to be so, every hard memory and terrible regret is a baton for the next step.
On my way home, I couldn't stop thinking about that.

Yoko. We were almost selling out everything!

Friday, September 12, 2014

breath deep under the moon




While the season is changing, my body must have needed more rest.
For this couple of weeks, I'd been growing my fatigue and I couldn't get rid of it entirely.
But I came to the mountain where the witch from East Sea is, I sat quietly, listening to the sound of pleasant whisk of a spoon and the clatter of plates coming from the kitchen. From the balcony, the sound of a river and the voices of the insects, a tender waltz of wind rustling leaves of the trees are drifting inside of the house. And I felt my power was gradually coming back to me.
There was a frog, sitting quietly and shining under the bush clover flowers were falling. I thought it was beautiful.
I wished I was the frog then.
While I was sketching an Indian laurel, each of my body cell was realised that I'm receiving power from nature after all.

The ingredients of the meals I had were beloved and grown strong and healthy, and then they were cooked tenderly. I washed my every day worries into the current of the river, don't think about unnecessary things. I was just feeling warm sunlight on my eyelids and cool wind stroking my cheeks.
I was wondering if the paradise was like this.

Time, we spent with people who have blight smiles.
I was held by the light of the giant moon which rose high up in the autumn sky, and I breathed deep many times.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

vanam stall in Nara International Film Festival 2014

明日より始まる、奈良国際映画祭2014に、vanamが出店い たします。



vanam is going to join as a food stall at Nara International Film Festival 2014 starting from tomorrow.
The three witches will serve you chai and Indian snacks at a marché in Nara-machi.
At our stall, you can find "the magic leaves" specially.

The film festival is from 12th till 15th, but vanam is only coming on 15th.

By the way, I was saying I want to do an Indian snack stall the other day, and this even is coming up. So it's important to publicly speak out what you want to do.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Witch Candle Making WS report

vanamにてThe Three Flying Witches 初のワークショップである『スパイス魔女のキャンドル作り』が無事終了いたしました。



☆The Three Flying Witchesの次回ワークショップは10月7日『魔法の葉っぱ作り』です。


9th September, the super moon night.
The Three Flying Witches' very first workshop "Witch Candle Making" was held at vanam.
Even from the same recipe, everyone made her own candle and each of them was wonderful.
There were nothing like the happiest faces when they were peeling the molds off from the candles.

We enjoyed Indian / Suri Lankan dinner cooked by Aco, the witch from East Sea, surrounded by the candle light. I was so happy to see smiley faces and I wished I could stay there like that forever.

After dinner, we went outside and we screamed for joy to see the brightness of the moon which came high up in the sky to see us on the mountain.
We were wrapped by nice cool breeze of autumn and the moonlight shower washed us entirely from very top to toenails.
We thanked for all the living things.

☆The Three Flying Witches, next workshop is on 7th October.
Magic Leaf Making WS.
Please check out more details our website.

★Also, this one is coming quite soon, but vanam is going to join as a food stall at Nara International Film Festival 2014.
The three witches will serve you chai and Indian snacks.
At out stall, we are going to specially sell "the magic leaves"!
The film festival is from 12th till 15th, but vanam is only coming on 15th.