About Ginger

呼吸すること、装うこと、食べること... 生活すること全ては優雅で健やかな身体と心の修行。



2005年~20008年、英国のThe Arts University College at Bournemouth、 BA Costume and Performance Design Course 在籍。衣装デザインと制作を学ぶ。


2014年5月に南の魔女Ayami と、6月に東の海の魔女Aco と出会い、8月よりアートとスパイスの魔法を広めるThe Three Flying Witchesとしての活動を開始。
2016年3月薬膳・漢方検定 合格。



I do things about "storytelling".
Body is a map of one's life. Redesigning one's body by dressing up also makes a change in one's mind.

Breathing, dressing up, eating, and living each day...everything is a training for an elegant and healthy body and mind.
Everything one does is one's own story.

We never stop telling and listening to a story.
And we always want to have the best trip on it.


Studied at  BA Costume and Performance Design Course, The Arts University College at Bournemouth, UK from 2005. 
Graduated in 1st Class in 2008.
Started working as a freelance costume designer/maker in London from 2008.
Mainly worked at costume the costume department at Arts Educational Schools London, but at the same time worked for feature film and shorts, MV, TVCM and so on.
The works included various design works and creations such as art direction, story boarding, hair & make-up art, styling and set building, whatever the production required.

Returned in Japan in autumn of 2010.  Continued freelance designer, and also started to explore other methods of storytelling. As a part of the exploration, spent 4 month in a farm in Hokkaido, Japan and stayed Prague, the Czech Republic to learn wooden marionette making.

In 2012, met Pilates methods and finally found the key to connect life, art and body.
Takes Pilates as not only and exercise, but a philosophy and learn Oriental medicine to teach Pilates from a holistic point of view.
From May 2013, started teaching Pilates.
May 2014, met a witch from the south Ayami, and also met a with from East Sea, Aco in the following month. Started a group The Three Flying Witches from August to spread the magic of art and spice.
Nov 2015, recognized by Japan Ayurveda Society as an Ayurveda Self-care Adviser.
Mar 2016, passed an exam of basic knowledge of Medicinal cooking and Chinese medicine. 

To be continued...