Wednesday, October 24, 2012

early autumn, coffee and kanelbulle

秋ですね。すっかり と。







It’s autumn. Totally.


I’d been feeling unpleasant dullness in my body lately, so I’ve started a regular lymph massage with essential oils before I go to bed. Then I’ve been coming to feel better in the morning.
My body tends to have poor water circulation so my bottom half can easily be swollen even though my upper half looks slim.
Leg lymph massage helps my legs to feel light and actually removing the swelling. Pilates exercises after the lymph massage makes my legs feel as light as balloons.

My favourite essential oils are lavender, juniper, and grapefruit. For carrier oils, I choose jojoba, sesame oil, and etc, it depends on the feeling of the day.

I know I should design my body by myself, but I make excuses such as my work was too busy and neglect exercises and massages. Then my body naturally deserves a result of my laziness.
On Pilates exercises, the basis for everything is a proper breathing. I shouldn’t forget it even if I was “busy”.


I’m reading the second series of the Millennium trilogy, Flickan som lekte med elden (The Girl Who Played with Fire) by Stieg Larsson.
Since the first novel, I’ve been fascinated by Lisbeth. She’s so cool.

In the novel -I personally think it’s really Swedish thing- lots of characters constantly have coffee, and they eat kanelbulle -cinnamon rolls with their coffee. That makes me want to eat them.
So, today at work on my break time, I hurried to a coffee shop and had a cup of black coffee and a cinnamon roll which was warmed up a bit over the book.
I have poor blood circulation so I should better avoid those Yin energy foods, but worrying about that kind of things too much is not pleasant, so my motto is that I enjoy eating whatever I want to feel like any time of the day.
They were delicious!

...ooh, what a trifle note!