Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Soon it will be...

The Three Flying Witches (空飛ぶ3人の魔女) の 大きなイベントが終わり、ほっとする思いで月を愛でていたら、もう10月が始まるのだと知らされてなんだか戸惑ってしまいました。



After the big show of The Three Flying Witches, I've been enjoying full moon of autumn, and someone told me that October is about to start. So I was a little perplexed.... 

When I meet too many new people, digestive power of my body goes down.
I don't mean it's a bad thing, but I need to refresh my mind.

I feel so relieved when I put myself in a place with a green.
The exhibition in Nara is going to be started very soon, so I'm going to adjust conditions of my body and mind to be able to give a good performance, to see smiles of many people. 

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