Friday, September 25, 2015

REPORT: Spice Withes' Kitchen in Kyoto

三人の空飛ぶ魔女 (The Three Flying Witches) による初の展示会となった 『スパイス魔女の台所』展 in 恵文社一乗寺店COTTAGE が無事に終了致しました。



これは私 Ginger が、夏の終わりにvanam の2階で夜中に描いたものなのですが、にょきにょきと伸びる枝を描きながら、たくさんの想いが広がって天まで届いて、いろんな人達の上にキラキラしたものを降り注いでくれたらいいなぁと思いながら腕を動かしたのを覚えています。


Tulsi workshop by Ginger

Garam masala  workshop by Aco

Masala Chai workshop by Ayami


『スパイス魔女の台所』展 at 恵古箱


The Three Flying Witches had done our first exhibition Spice Witches' Kitchen at Keibunsha Ichijyoji COTTAGE.

We were very grateful to many people who came to see us from far away places, and who just dropped by, and who came back to see us again and again.
We met many spice lovers and there were many people who liked spice more than before or became interested in Ayurveda and India through our exhibition. We are glad that we could share such great time with those people.

Mehndi art by Ayami.

For exhibition, we had checked the size of the place and what we could use, but we didn't know how the display would turn out until the very morning of the exhibition. I was literally shaking as I was hanging my illustrations with wires and moving tables. However, we were three witches and it was so much easier than we thought it would be. We managed to make the space looked as close as our ideal.

We hanged a painting of a tree on the center of the biggest wall.
The tree was painted by me in the attic of vanam around midnight at the end of summer. As I was stroking a brush on the fabric, I remember praying that this tree would grow tall till it reaches the heaven and let shining sparkles onto many people in this world.
So I guess my spell had been cast on the tree.
Some people told me that they came to the exhibition because they saw the tree from outside when they were passing by and they were interested in it.
I was so happy to hear that.

Ayurveda Special Dinner at River Road Takano

A fitting of Witch Apron easy order

Ayami wore sari.

Each of the mini workshops went really well and all the participants looked like enjoying themselves. So we were happy to see them like that.
To feel seasonal changes, grasp the moment in season, and spend each day with changes of nature. We, The Three Flying Withes want to tell everyone is all about everyday-life.
It's about loving trivial beauty of nature and also about how to keep your body and soul in better condition.
We are glad if we could share even a little bit of our concept through our exhibition.

Our next exhibition will be held at an old house in Nara.
Spice Witches' Kitchen at Ekobaco

We would like to have at least one more event by the end of this year.
We will announce the event either in this blog or in our facebook page. So please check both out every now and then.


The Three Flying Witches
~Magic of Art and Spice~
Witch from the south: Ayami
Witch from East Sea: Aco
Witch from the west: Ginger

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