Monday, April 25, 2016

Mitra no Wa: REPORT

満月の日。京都 安楽寺。
ヨガイベント『ミトラの輪』に、The Thee Flying Witches として参加し、アーユルヴェーダランチをご提供させて頂きました。


イベント会場にてThe Three Flying Witches のオリジナルポストカードと、クッキーの売上金の一部を熊本地震の義援金とさせて頂きました。



The Three Flying Witches (Ayami, me, and Aco)
Mitra-no-Wa(Sawa, Kei, and Mayumi)

On a full moon day. At Anraku-ji(temple) in Kyoto.
We The Three Flying Witches joined a Yoga event Mitra-no-Wa to serve Ayurveda style lunch.

We took a first train to Kyoto and the morning air was so refreshing.
Anraku-ji was surrounded by trees and bushes. There were raindrops from the night before on leaves and were shining in the morning light. They were like babies of the sun.
For this event, we couldn't check the venue in advance, so I had to make any display plan beforehand, however, it went fine. We could served our customers without having a big trouble at all. Thanks to them, they were so kind too.

Aco and Ayami.

At the event, we sold our original postcards and cookies to raise money for Kumamot earthquake.
On of our members Ayami is from Kumamoto. She had been planning to go home and the earthquake was happened the day before she went home. She stayed in Kumamoto for few days before the event and she was distributing for others, using her tajin as there were only little water over there.
She also experienced the earthquake during her stay, but she brought her smile to the event and cooked for everyone as of there wasn't any earthquake at all.
I was so proud of her.

I could believe a possibility of what we can create with our hands.
Thank to the member of the Mitra-no-Wa, Kei, Sawa, and Mauyummi. Mayumi's family also in Kumamoto and experienced the earthquake, but she helped us and other event participants.

I hope we can do whatever we can now with love and pass more smiles and energy on to others.

The Three Flying Witches
~Magic of Art and Spice~
Witch from the south: Ayami
Witch from East Sea: Aco
Witch from the west: Ginger

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