Monday, April 25, 2016

An essence of life

先日、マスターストレッチ開発者であり、BodyCodeSystem® 創設者のピノ・カルボーネ氏がイタリアから来日され、東京と大阪でワークショップやセミナーを開催するとのことで、かねてよりお会いしたかった方の授業を受けに行って参りました。





Mr. Pino Carbone, who is a developer of MasterStretch® and a founder of BodyCodeSystem®, came to Japan and gave some workshops and seminars in both Tokyo and Osaka. I attended one of his seminars in Osaka.

I was so excited to see him. He had such a graceful posture. When I found him in the sudio, he was having a break and enjoying his cup of tea. He had this placid smile on in face.

His seminar was mainly about breathing. However, it was about the essence for "teachers". How we have our souls as teachers.
My teachers in Japan, who taught me a holistic methods for Pilates, always say the same thing to me. It's the basic.
And the most important thing of all.
And I was so happy to find he has the same way of belief as both Ayurveda and Oriental Medicine have.
The first class teachers say the same things whatever the cultural backgrounds or nationalities they have.  

During the breathing exercise, Pino's words were so tender and he completely freed my heart and soul and tears started to roll down on my cheeks.
Probably I was thinking about the earthquake of Kumamoto and myself, being hectic for the last couple of months, and every trouble melted into tears. 
Nobody was crying but me and I was sort of embarrassed, but Pino quietly came over to me and hugged me to stroke my head very gently.

Every single word he said is my treasure.
I was so grateful to meet him in person.
He gave me a courage to keep going.

And, ah, I wish I fixed my hair before I took a photo with him...
I'd love to go to Florence as soon as possible to meet him again.
I want to learn more from him.
For me and for my customers.

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