Tuesday, November 24, 2015

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Kobayashi's book
Japanese arts full of misunderstandings



小林美術科学 :小林泰三先生のページ
曄田依子『かげを結う』 2015年11月11日~24日 LUCUA 1100 (大阪)B1階 DMOArts

Ms. Yoriko Yoda(Left) & Mr. Taizo Kobayashi (Right)

I had a chance to meet Mr. Taizou Kobayashi, a digital art restorer.

It was a meeting for holding a series of lectures of Showdo (pronounce as Shōdō ). Showdo is a word Mr. Kobayashi created. It is a way of appreciate Japanese traditional art.
Just like Sadō, the way of tea, Kadōthe way of flowers, and Kōdō, the way of fragrance. Showdo is the way of art appreciation to make you feel like you are so glad to be born as Japanese!

Yu, my Pilates instructor friend brought us together.
Yu is an aroma therapist and also a Pilates trainer. We've been talking about this project since we visited a Mount Koya together this summer.
I could feel my blood running through my veins and it's been a long time since I felt like this.

After the meeting, Mr. Kobayashi said he's going to see one of his friends and he was looking for an exhibition of Yoriko Youda.
To our great surprise, I picked up a flyer of her exhibition few days ago and I was going to go to the exhibition too.
So we went together and Yoriko was staying in the gallery. I was so lucky to be able to talk with her. She generously told me about her paints and art concept and she even let me take a photo with her. Same as Mr. Kobayashi, both of them are so openhearted and beautiful.

The flyer of Yoriko's exhibition 

I've wrote about my state of feeling on this blog before, but gradually I've becoming to feel better.
My work, Pilates is a work to make other people happy, so I can't be like this forever anyways.
However, after a lesson, most of the time it's me to feel better as my customer gives me a great energy.
Good movies and delicious meals, appreciating beautiful things help me go step forward.

And I believe in our power.
This world can be more beautiful.

Yoriko is a great artist!

Kobayashi Art & Science : Taizou Kobayashi's page (Japanese)
Yoriko Yoda Solo Exhibition 11th‐24th of Novemnber, 2015 @ LUCUA1100 (Osaka) B1F DMOArts

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