Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Still pray for peace.




About Paris attack...
One of my precious friends lost her dear friends and I feel like they were my friends as they were my friend's friends.
As I think this way, the whole worlds is a one big family. We all are related and connected to somebody and none of us are truly strangers.
I know this is hard, but if you are attacked by hatred and fight back with hatred, nothing will change.
If we want to change this world better, somebody has to stop this chain reaction of hatred by love.
Forgiveness is a most powerful attack to the forgiven.
Yet I have no confidence in me if I can forgive the terrorist who killed one of my families or friends...

In this chaotic world, I still want to believe in our power of love and forgiveness.
Death is not fearful. I'm afraid of the fact dignity of one soul is violated and not respected.

I've been down for a whole since, but thanks to my kindest friends and beautiful things, I've calmed down and I'm feeling better little by little.
Thank you so much.

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