Monday, November 30, 2015

NOY’s Workshop






12月5日 11:00-14:30



The poster of NOY's HAGUREGUMO 

Actor NOY successfully finished his first performance HAGUREGUMO in Serbia and back in Tokyo.
He's going to share his creative method with you at his workshop.

Below are copy from the workshop site.

【The way to the performance in Serbia】
Noy, who graduated from Acting School L’EDA in Toulouse, France, has kept touch with a professor. He proposed a project to the professor that they would create a stage together in his country, Serbia.
He plunged into Serbia, facing the problem of Syrian refugees, and began the project from scratch. In the multilingual situation, such as English, Hungarian, French, Serbian, and so on, he completed the stage, inspired by “The spider’s string” by Ryunosuke Akutagawa and “Wandering Cloud” by George Akiyama and directed by the professor.
The performance was given in the Serbia’s theater. A press conference and TV interview were held and it created a big sensation.

【What NOY wants to convey through this workshop 】
The creative processes built up through a body interwoven with creativity and communication under the circumstance not depending on language, which is what he felt in his bone.
He wants participants to experience it, deeply listening to your own body and letting their feeling express along to their sensation.
In this workshop, a text or script won’t be used. Participants themselves create a physical expression impromptu. The goal of this workshop is that they will make a performance in the end.

【A message from NOY】
When I performed abroad, I have been thinking “Is it possible to create a stage without depending on lines?”. And then, I just made it.
I’d love to explorer together how to make up physical expressions and what essence we can use. And also I’d love to share our experiences through physical expressions.

5th December, 2015
11:00 - 14:30
at Wako City Kinrou Seisyounen Hall 3F

Appling Method

3,000 yen (including tax)
Please send an email including your name, age, e-mail address, 
and any experiences in acting or dancing, to

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