Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Spice Witches' Kitchen at Ekobako Report

The Three Flying Witches による『スパイス魔女の台所』展

遠方からも多くの方々がお越しくださり、また期間中何度も魔女に会いに来てくださったお客様も多く、魔女3人 深く感謝しております。


恵古箱オーナーの恵さん、そして遥々とお足を運んで下さったみなさま お一人お一人に、ありがとうございました。

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With one of our visitors who bought Spice Witch Apron.

Spice Witches' Kitchen at Ekobaco has finished.
We The Three Flying Witches exhibited for 15 days.

During the show, we had many visitors.
Many came from far and also some people came back to see witches. So we three witches are thanking everyone deeply from our hearts.
Some people gave us messages to support us.
After 15 days, our magic melted into a night fog.

After Pilates class...I'm so relaxed.

The space became empty again.

Megumi, the owner of Ekobaco, thank you so much. And also everyone who came. We are blessed.

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The Three Flying Witches
~Magic of Art and Spice~
Witch from the south: Ayami
Witch from East Sea: Aco
Witch from the west: Ginger


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