Sunday, October 11, 2015

Roses of October






It's a season of roses.
Several times I've written about how much I love roses.

I love roses in May, but from late autumn to winter, the air is cooler and I can smell roses better than spring time and the scent drowses me.

After work, I hurriedly head to the rose garden and I feel just like before a secret rendezvous.
Especially when I suddenly have time in my hand, I can't resit going to see them.

I like the rose in full bloom, but I love a rose bud just about to unfurl. I love it's soften look and defenselessness. I also love the rose past it's prime and its petals are starting to lose juicy tension and the head is bowing. The calyx without a single petal around it. Those looks of the roses thrill me more.
As roses are sort of proud flowers, I find beauty in their immature stage and the moment of deterioration.

A glass of hot sangria during my wondering today warmed me up.
A sliced segment of an orange reminded me of a half moon.

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