Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Looking forward to my future

素敵な方との 思いがけないrendez-vous。


身体は生きかたを現した地図− 私の持論ですが、日々の些細なことが刺青のように身体に刻まれ魂を織る。

私の表現のテーマは一貫して storytelling。

An unexpected rendezvous with a pleasant one.

Ten years ago, I was in my second year of learning the world of costume.
From costume design and making works, I'm now teaching Pilates. 
Many people say I've changed my career completely. 
However, people who know me well think it's natural and bless my path with understandings.

Body is a map of how you have been lived.
This is my own philosophy.
Tribal things in dairy life stain your body like tattooing and weave your soul.
What has been woven, you cannot undone.

My art theme is storytelling. This hasn't been changed since I started my art.
With deep breathing, tenderly, I'd like to create my own story.

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