Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Early summer evening



バター 80g 
砂糖 120g~200g(私はきび砂糖120gで作りました)
溶きたまご 4個分
牛乳 大匙2杯
檸檬果汁 1個分
小麦粉 400g(私はそのうち100gを全粒粉に置き換えました)
ベーキングパウダー 小匙2杯



Good early summer evening with my beautiful friend.
Steaming hot lemon doughnuts makes me crave for a glass of ice cold milk.

My very first homemade doughnuts memory was a rainy afternoon. 
My mom made a stack of them. A sweet smell of doughnuts was so warm and I was really happy. Doughnuts remind me of my childhood and that's probably why I feel tender when I eat them.

【Lemon Doughnuts】
Butter 80g
Sugar 120g~200g (I used 120g of cane sugar this time)
Egg (beaten) 4
Milk 2tbsp
Lemon juice 1
Flour 400g (I mixed 100g of whole wheat flour & 300g of normal flour.)
Baking powder 2tsp

Cream the butter in a big mixing bowl and add the rest of the ingredient one by one from top to bottom of the list.
Leave the dough in a fridge for about an hour. Shape the dough and deep fry them.
If you feel like adding something, roll the doughnuts into cinnamon and cane sugar mix or salt while it's still hot.

We talked about trivial things over lemon doughnuts and coffee. It's been a while since I could have such relaxing tea time.
Pink clouds are in the tender blue evening sky, and there was a sweet 18th night's moon. It was pretty.
A friend who came into your life after you've grown up, is very special.

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