Saturday, January 02, 2016

Keep on learning





I'm a teriible dancer.

So it's a New Year. I attended several workshops last week.
I thank to my teachers who give me opportunities to learn, to my situation which allows me to learn, and to my friends who passionately learn with me.

Last summer, when I attended a Oriental Medicine and Self-healing Power Course, my master asked me what's my aim of the year. I said I wanted to find my own style as a Pilates trainer and become more original.

It's been three years and eight months since I met Pilates. And it's been two and half years since I became a trainer.
The very first Pilates lesson I gave was for super beginners and seniors.
Those people are the most difficult to teach Pilates as a matter of fact.
I was full of passion and I made many mistakes and I regret after every lesson I did.
Then I started to teach more group lessons in many studios and started to have a lot more personal lessons. Those two years, I was so lucky to have more personal lessons than any other usual newcomer could have. Also I had a great opportunity to do an assistant of a Pilates teacher's training course. It helped me to learn more about Pilates.
Even now, I still review each lesson and learn from it to make a slow progress.

When summer comes, the third year as a Pilates trainer will start for me.
I'd like to turn this sort-of-reaction into confidence.
A tainer who makes someone happy by just meeting her. I want to be like that.

My teacher Yoko (on right) is beautiful!

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