Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A witch from Ryukyu






Ryukyu is an original name of Okinawa.
The locals still call themselves Ryuku.
The three flying witches met a witch of Ryuku.

It was a workshop of Ayurvedic cooking and nutritional science study by Ms. Kinu Sakihama.
Not only Ayurveda and dietetics, Kinu has a very flexible point of view for a philosophy of living and also eating. Her soul isn't bound to any particular thoughts.
She is a beautiful being.

Her lesson was full of living philosophy which we can start to try from today and the rest of our lives.
She also told us about natural features and climate, and historical background which are the foundation of dietary culture of Ryuku.

To eat is to harmonise your rhythm with the one of microcosm and the power from the nature run through out your body, from very tip to toe. In Ayurveda, to eat is to meditate.

Kinu sensei has a warm personality and she laughs like a young girl. There was some great vibe coming out from her back.
She was so calm and she always had a smile on her face and gave a kind hospitality to all of 30 students.
My skin sensed her Ojas. That's what it was I guess.
I want to be like her, a brilliant witch. So I carry on my daily practice and study.

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