Monday, June 15, 2015

my precious friends



One of my friends I studied costume at a uni in UK has been visiting Japan with her fiancé from Serbia.
I went to Kansai Airport to pick them up, but I couldn't feel that they were actually coming. But as soon as my eyes caught the familiar face, I smiled.
Alecks showed me the same mischievous smile as if we saw each other yesterday. 
Luka, her fiancé made me feel like I knew him for a ling time even it was the very first time to meet him.

For three years, they had been planning this visitation to Japan, which they had been wanting to come since they were kids.
It's sort of a 2-week-pre-honeymoon, which starts from Kansai area to Hiroshima and to Tokyo.
I'm so moved by their love for our culture.
I've been wishing their trip will be a great one.

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