Sunday, June 07, 2015

A foot Pilates and a holistic Pilates





Hello, it's Ginger.

I've been teaching Pilates in Osaka. And I've newly joined in a team of Holistic LAB at smartcamp by Rohto Group Corperate.

Smartcamp consists of three facilities. Shunkoku-Shusai farm, which cultivates vegetables with ceramics without using any soils. French restaurant Shunkoku-Shusai, which uses medical cooking method and the vegetables from the Shunkoku-Shunsai farm next door. The restaurant's name means "grains and vegetables which are in season". And the Holistic LAB is a place you can receive various kinds of treatments from top to toe.
I'm in charge of Foot Pilates and Holistic Pilates sessions.
I'll be in on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, so if you are interested in, please stop by. Though you need to make a reservation...  

I want to keep updating myself as a trainer who can teach you not only exercises but also can give customer an advice about how to care your body and how to spend a day. 

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