Tuesday, January 08, 2013

New Year, New Hair




今 私は、珈琲を淹れて仕事の合間の小休止を楽しんでいる最中です。

なんて 嬉しい偶然。

you only live once, girl.

Happy New Year everyone.
How was your holiday?

As you can see, today my hair became ginger again. well, it's pink ginger again.
My inspiration was a series of David Bowie photos by Masayoshi Sukita when Bowie released HEROES album. Though I'm no way near Bowie, but for me, he's always the best artist to look up to.

I don't want to regret what I didn't do, so here I am, bleached my hair and tinted with flash pink.

Right now, I brewed some coffee and enjoying a short break between works.
So many days I reflect on myself and feel like I can't go on any more. Or I feel down about inexperienced myself. Then I encourage myself, saying "that's why I work harder!" I can only fill up a shortage of talent with efforts, in this year (so as last year), I want to sophisticate myself, and to refine my skills on art, Pilates, and English and etc... and challenge things I want to do.
We only live once, so be brave!

Just realised after I uploaded this article, today was David Bowie's birthday.
What a happy coincidence!

Happy Birthday David!!

David Bowie by Masayoshi Sukita