Sunday, September 30, 2012

A new project


DEBAILLEUL(ドゥバイヨル)で見つけた、MENDIANT NOIR、BELLE、PRINCESS、の3種。いずれもダークチョコのセレクションで、カカオの薫りにうっとり。美味でした。

a little doodle I did between designing and drafting.

I'm going to make a wedding dress for my friend and I've been feeling like having beautiful butterflies in my stomach these days.
Though I said wedding dress, but she's going to wear kimono for a ceremony and the dress is for after-ceremony. So the pressure is a tiny bit less.
She and I have been talking about the dress since summer, and finally she came all the way from Nagano to Osaka to do measuring and also to discuss about the design.
I saw her for the first time since few years, and I really felt so proud that she's letting me make her dress.

Tonight, a typhoon has gone and night breeze is cool.
I finished drafting a basic block and drew new designs. Then I took a break in the middle of the night.
I made some Full Moon tea and surved myself some special chocolates.
They were MENDIANT NOIR, BELLE, and PRINCESS from a chocolate shop DEBAILLEUL. All of them are dark chocolates and had an enchanting aroma of cacao. How amazingly delicous they were.

From left to right: PRINCESS, BELLE, and MENDIANT NOIR.