Wednesday, December 16, 2015

control, control, control....

3週間ほど前、ピラティスインストラクター仲間のスタジオ、Pilates Room tone へ、シルクサスペンションを受けに行ってきました。




Around 3 weeks ago, I went to one of my Pilates instructor friends' place Pilates Room tone to take a Silk Suspension lesson.

What we did was to do Pilates on silk slings suspended from a beam by sitting on them, lie on our stomachs, and lie down on our backs on the floor and put our heels on them, etc etc .
It clearly shows your weak point by making unintentional rotation and jolting.
Sitting on the silk sling absolutely still is the most difficult challenge already.
I'm not interested in training one particular muscle at all. I prefer training my sense to coordinate every muscle of my body, so I like this kind of tool.

It was extremely fun to me and I tried many things on it.
It's a great tool to strengthen your weak point and also for a Pilates beginner to feel "the core".
Of course for a rehab, I understand it's very useful.

If you are interested in taking a lesson, please visit Pilates Room tone.
There are still not many places you can take this lesson in Osaka.
I'm going to do Ayurveda workshop at the same studio soon after the New Year.
I'm going to talk about digestive power and quality of our minds.
Oriental medicine tea and cakes are going to be served.
I'm looking forward to seeing you who can come to my workshop.

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