Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tokyo -again


Papa meilland
Gold Medallion
Golden Medallion

Rio Samba

Rio Samba
Rio Samba
Super Star

Kotone - 琴音

朝雲 - Morning Clouds
黒真珠 - Black Pearl
ダイヤモンド・ホテル、ピラティスの I 先生と、その大先生によるカウンセリング、懐かしのインド料理店ガンジス、旧古河庭園の薔薇、下北沢Lambeth、イタリアン・タパスとワインとまりちゃん、JOJO展鑑賞!!、入籍したばかりの友人じゅんとの再会、ダンサーのあやちゃんと、その1歳になる直前の息子との再会、美人の友人Kちゃんとアメリカン・ダイナーで、ワイン、フィッシュ・アンド・チップス、満月、Koba&由香atインド料理店シディーク・パレス、表参道アート散策with Koba、血のように紅い月、スパイスの効いたホット・ワインとアップルパイ・・・などなど。

full moon

at 表参道


prints of the shirt I wore for JoJo exhibition.



I was too excited to smile.



Siddique lunch

After about 6 month, I visited Tokyo again.
On the last Sunday of October, I took a night bus to Tokyo. I had a narrow escape from a cancellation of all the trains between my station and Osaka by lightning. I managed to arrive in Tokyo safely on the next early morning.
There weren’t many coloured leaves there, but the autumn air was refreshing and the whole journey was full of amusing events.

Shu Uemura show case

Koba playing the U.F.O.-catcher of Mon Shu Girl dolls.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures this time, so I write down fragmentary memories here.
Diamond Hotel, My Pilates teacher Ms.I and her great teacher’s counselling, good old Indian cuisine Ganges, roses at the former Furukawa Garden, Lambeth in Shimokitazawa, Italian tapas, wine and Mari, JoJo Exhibition!! Just married friend Jun, Dancer Aya and her almost-one-year-old son, beautiful K at American diner, wine and fish and chips, full moon, Koba & Yuka at Indian cuisine Siddique Palace, art walk in Omotesando with Koba, bloody orange moon, spicy hot wine and apple pit, etc, etc…
I’m deeply appreciating all of your kindness my friends who made their plans meet with mine.
Let’s have fun again.

interesting shop diplays at Omotesando.

reminded me of Bohemian countries

loved the big Bhoo

During my stay in Hotel, I was able to take a long bath and aroma massage before I go to bed every night and I could do Pilates in the morning before I went out. It’s been a while since I could do so and it was very nice. It’s really helpful to have a certain rhythm in everyday life.

hot wine

bloody moon