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Sota Sakuma's Private Workshop



Jahoda Crimson

作りながら、だんだんと苺に見えてきたので、Jahoda (チェコ語で苺) と命名。
しかし、色塗りの段階でどんどんおどろおどろしい色に変ってゆき、最終的には Crimson (深紅) というセカンド・ネームが付いてしまいました。





 佐久間 奏多(さくま そうた)

1977 愛知県/ 日本生まれ。2000年よりプラハ在住。
2000年 東京造形大学卒業(染織デザイン専攻)卒業。
1999年 ペトル・マターセク(チェコの劇団ドラック美術監督)による長期ワークショップ「人形演劇プロジェクト2000」に参加。
2002 チェコ国立芸術アカデミー人形劇学部 舞台美術科大学院に入学。ペトル・マターセク教授に師事。
2005 同大学院を首席で卒業。

2009 パペットハウスギャラリーにて初個展。


奏多さんの参加している指人形展 The Arts Of Puppet 2011 (7月9-16日 東京にて開催)

Omen-chan (Mask Kitty)

I took a private workshop at Sota Sakuma's atelier. Sota is a Japanese marionette artist who lives in Prague.

During about 10days workshop, I managed to make one marionette and 3 finger puppets.
As Sota's marionette is a palm ride size (tiny!), compare to Mirek's workshop, every process went much faster.
However, carving smaller things means more difficult to get into the details. I had to accept lots of Sota's help to make my marionettes somehow.

My first mini marionette was a bird.
As I was carving it, it became more and more like a strawberry, so I named it Jahoda, means Strawberry in Czech.
BUT, as I was painting it, it's gotten more and more scary colour and finally it was given a second name Crimson.

My first finger puppet was a pirate.
Sota carved the birds for me effortlessly.
My second and third finger puppets were Dal and Omen-chan (Mask Kitty). They are the characters of the picturebook I've been working on at the moment.
I had a lot to learn at Sota's workshop and his lovely family's warm welcome made my rest of the stay in Prague so wonderful.

Brief Bio of Sota Sakuma
Sota Sakuma (佐久間 奏多)

Born 1977 in Aichi, Japan. Lives and works in Prague since 2000.
Graduated Tokyo Art and Design University, Textile Design Course in 2000.
Sota joined the long term workshop Alternative & Puppet Theatre Project 2000 by Petr Matásek (Art Director of Divadlo DRAK, Czech) in 1999.
From 2002, he studied under Prof. Petr Matásek at Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, MA Department of Alternative Puppet Theatre Set Design.
He graduated the course at the head of his class in 2005.

Sota had his first solo show of his marionettes in Puppet House Gallery, Japan 2009. 
He has been showing his marionettes and Butoh Dance performances to the audiences in various places such as in Japan, Czech, Korea. He also performs workshops of marionette and mask makings, and dance.

You can see Sota Sakuma's work on this page

The Arts Of Puppet 2011 (9-16 of July, Tokyo, Japan):
Sota's upcoming Finger Puppet Group Exhibition.

Sota's certificate gift

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